Who We Are

John Pruyn

I was born in Henkelo Holland in 1953. My parents, John and Anna moved to Canada in 1953. They settled in the Niagara Peninsula and had 11 children.

Latter in life I married Susan and we have two kids , John and Sarah. We bought a small farm and turned it into a cut your own Christmas tree operation. In 1993 I was mowing a field when my pant leg got caught in the equipment and my left leg was ripped off. I was far from the house.

My first thought was do I lie here and die or try to make it back to my family. I hopped on the tractor and drove home.
My leg was amputated above the knee.
I got a prosthetic leg and continued to work the farm as well as my off farm job.

In 2010 Susan and Sarah said they were going to the G20 in Toronto to take part in the People First March. I decided to join them.

At the end of the march Sarah and I were sitting down at Queen’s Park in the designated protest area. We were with Steve and Josh. Federal Government Security Forces came up to us and attacked all four of us.

They ripped off my prosthetic leg, beat me, and robbed, bullied and abused me. The emotional empact was worse than when I first lost my leg. Sarah, Steve and Josh were also beaten, bullied and abused.

I did not go after the secret police who attacked us as they did this on behalf of the Harper Government. Instead I have been asking for an enquiry and apology.

For five years there has been no response from the attackers, the RCMP,  Bill Blair or the Prime Minister.

Sarah and I are biking across Canada to raise awareness that our government does not believe in democracy,  the Charter or disability rights. Prime Minister Harper should have denounced what was done on his behalf five years ago.

His response is to bring in Bill C51 to further erode our freedom. Ask your MP to request an enquiry into the G20 and to cancel Bill C51. The events at the G20 show that our Government already has enough power.

Sarah Ann Pruyn

I’m providing tech support on this trip. Stretch everyday ride everyday. I’m interested in co-ops, co-operation, foot courrier things, being outside, vegetarianism, technology, art, the grassroots. The Eye of the Tiger.

Thanks to

My friends from highschool- still the radest people

The hardworking folks at the multiple jobs I’ve had over the past year so I could afford to do this


Liberty Cycles , Downrown Bikehounds, Thorton Bikes in my hometown of Welland and of course Backpedaling, Ontario’s premier bike emporium.


You haz inquiry for mee?
You haz inquiry for mee?

Rupert is a sweet rocking handsome kitty from my hometown of Welland, Ontario. Like John he has lost a leg. Due to Rupert’s recent cancer treatment one of his limbs had to be amputated, but that doesn’t stop him from adventure, running and looking heart stoppingly adorable at the same time. Rupert is our official mascot for this trip and is an inspiration to felines everywhere. John and Rupert have more than a missing limb in common- when the going gets tough these two get going!

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