If you live along the our route, which mostly follows the Transcanada Highway, and have a yard you could offer us a place to pitch our tents for the night 🙂

Connect with us on Warm Showers. If you have an account you could offer us a place to sleep for the night (yard to camp on or spare room) and a shower 🙂 Our username is g20justiceride.

Ask your MP or local police force to sign the petition G20JusticePetition. We won’t be able to stop at every MPs office, and some of the MPs won’t be available when we visit their office.

Donate what you can to the campaign on the crowd source website fundrazr.

Food. We love vegetarian and vegan food and would be delighted to help make a meal to share.

Contact us at g20justiceride@gmail.com.

One thought on “Volunteer”

  1. Congratulations! Unbelievable! Happy you are safe. Too bad Steven Harper and Justin Trudeau wouldn’t open their constituency offices to talk to you about the largest compromise of civil liberties in Canada.


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