July 28th

Our visit to Thunder Bay MP John Rafferty’s office.

July 28th

Our visit to Thunder Bay MP Bruce Hyer’s office.

July 19th

Our visit to Winnipeg MP Steven Fletcher’s office:

July 15th

Our (unexpected) stop in Brandon Manitoba!

July 9th

A short summary of our visit to Ralph Goodale’s office:

June 30th

I received my access to information request. In this video I explain how the police falsified documents.

June 29th Part Two

We visited the Calgary RCMP. We are very disapointed in them.

June 29th

Our visit to Stephen Harper’s office.

June 14th

Mr. Pruyn reviews more coffee along the TransCanada. Today he tastes Mike Hill’s coffee!

June 13th

Here is a quick explanation of why we are going on this ride:

June 12th

John reviews coffee at the Blue Moose cafe in Hope BC.

June 9th

Here is a video we made in front of Elizabeth May’s office!

3 thoughts on “Videos”

  1. I agree there must be an enquiry and accountability. Bill C-51 will completely vacate any civil right of redress for Canadian citizens. We are going back a feudal era.

    Ron Walker,


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