Sign Petition

Below is a link to the G20 Justice Petition.


Please download the petition, sign and mail completed petitions to:

John Pruyn

PO Box 53

Ridgeville, Ontario

L0S 1M0

4 thoughts on “Sign Petition”

    1. Hello and thanks so much for your interest in our ride! Under current federal regulations in order for a petition to be taken into consideration the signatures cannot be electronic. This is due to change in the next year. Once it is ok to submit electronic signatures we will post our petition online. Thanks so much, take care.


  1. I got an e-mail from Susan in my old e-mail account that you guys were doing this and it made me smile. It’s so good to hear and see videos of you guys doing this!

    That was a bizarre day(s) for the four of us in Toronto and I’m glad to see that you guys are keeping up with it. Harper has allowed unfortunate things to happen in this country and the two of you, Josh and myself all have the stories to prove it. They will not be forgotten. Neither will to two of you. 🙂

    Stay strong and enjoy the wind at your back through the Prairies!


    (ps, life is good, living in Peterborough, ON with my partner, working lots, growing food, having fun. Ciao!)


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