Sign The Petition- G20JusticePetition

Get Informed!

The Fifth Estate Episode on the Toronto G20- You Should have Stayed at Home

Ontario Ombudsmen Report- Caught in the Act

Whose Streets?- Book on the Toronto G20

Macleans article about new footage from the detention centre

The G20, Civilian Oversight and the RCMP– Article in The Walrus

John Pruyn’s Story in the Media

National Post

The Star

The Globe and Mail

The Toronto Sun

St. Catharines Standard

Gabriel Jacob’s Story (Jacobs was in the same cell as John Pruyn)

Disabled man files human rights claim against police

Toronto police settle G20 human rights case against paraplegic man

Additional Resorces

G20 Class Action Lawsuit

Apology Song

Stephen Harper’s Government permitted U.S. spying during the G20

Toronto Police Service- Access and Privacy Section- If you were arrested at the G20 this is the website to visit to begin the process of having footage and records of you released

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