Gee Twenty Rant

Gee Twenty, apologize now
It’s been five years since you knocked me down
You stole my 33 bills
You beat me up & ripped off my leg
You bullied me until I gave up
Than you took my walking sticks for your trophy case

Secret police, I’m still enraged
It’s been five years since you stuffed me in a cage
You kidnapped me but prepared no ransom notes
You allowed no phone call & gave me no vote
You treated me like a dead tree
Then you opened your cage & said I was free

Bill Blair, are you obtuse
It’s been five years; apologize for the abuse
You humiliated me to please your boss
You wanted to save him from a face loss
You slammed your knee into my head bone
Then you dragged me around like a traffic cone

Stephen Harper, there’s a plank in your eye
It’s been five years, stop the lies
Your agents dragged Gabriel from his wheel chair
You agents dragged Sarah by the hair
You allowed them to bully us all weekend long
Then we saw; you wore the Charter like a thong.

Gee Twenty hold an enquiry now
It’s been five years
Since you knocked us down
Since you stuffed us in a cage
Since you started the abuse
Since you told the lies
Since you bullied us hoping we would give up

John Pruyn

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