Why John is Biking Across Canada in 2015

I lost my left leg, above the knee, in 1993 due to a farm accident. My leg was ripped off by the power take off (PTO) on a tractor. The physical pain from the amputation was severe and it took several years to adapt to it. Mentally I was able to handle what happened much quicker.

On June 26, 2010 I lost my left leg again. However, this time my artificial leg was ripped off by government security forces as I was attending a political rally at Queen’s Park in Toronto. The security forces also lost or stole my walking sticks, my prescription glasses, about $33 and some other items. They beat me up, dragged me away and left me in different cages for about 28 hours. Physically the pain was not as bad as when I first lost my leg. However, the mental pain has been much more severe and continues to this day. Search “John Pruyn G20” if you want to see pictures or more about what happened.

The government security forces who did this never identified themselves. To this day they remain secret police. They never completed any reports to explain their actions or explained what happened to my personal possessions. It seems I was kidnapped by Harper’s security services and I became a political prisoner.

Starting from Victoria on June 8, 2015 my daughter Sarah and I will be biking across Canada. We will be asking for a federal government enquiry into the violence by security forces at the G20. We will be stopping at police stations and MP offices along our route to tell our story and asking people to sign a petition supporting an enquiry.

I was one of many disabled people who were abused by security forces that weekend. (Search “Gabriel Jacobs G20” on the internet for another example.) Thousands of other people were also abused by security forces that week end. My daughter, Sarah, was at Queen’s Park that weekend. She was attack by the police, dragged away by the hair and held in the cages for about 27 hours. Susan, my wife, was also at Queen’s Park but in a different area than Sarah and I. She did not know why we had disappeared and was left to wander the streets of Toronto looking for us. My son, John, drove to Toronto to join in the search.

In 2010 there was open, shameful abuse by security forces against people with disabilities at the G20. My Charter and disability rights were stripped from me. Thousands of people were openly bullied by the police. This was all done on behalf of the federal government.

Prime Minister Harper has never denounced the abuse and bullying committed by his security forces and the suspension of Charter and disability rights. It is time for him to apologize for what was done on his behalf. It is time for a public federal government enquiry into the behaviour of our security forces at the G20.

This is why I am riding across Canada. For me it’s been five long years waiting for an apology and an enquiry. Waiting for someone in the chain of command to acknowledge that it is wrong to treat a disabled person and his family in such a manner. The chain runs from the secret police who started the abuse all the way to the Prime Minister who allowed it to happen.

Submitted by: John Pruyn

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