In June 2010 the largest mass arrest in Canadian history unfolded at the G20 in Toronto, Ontario. Protestors, citizens and people visiting Toronto were brutalized, intimidated, kidnapped and wrongfully arrested. To date there has been no inquiry into the atrocities that took place. We are biking across Canada to ask the RCMP and Members of Parliament for a fully public federal inquiry into the G20. We are seeking justice for the thousands of Canadians who were wronged and answers for how and why authority figures were allowed to abuse their powers to such an alarming extent. Let’s not forget what happened- let’s make this an election issue.

John Pruyn was one of the hundreds who were put into cages. His story is especially harrowing as he was never arrested, never read his rights, never charged with any wrongdoing. He was sitting at the “designated protest zone” when he was attack, beaten up, robbed, abused and dragged away by secret police. You can read his story here.

His daughter, Sarah, was with him at the time of his abduction. She was also wrongfully incarcerated. You can read her full story here.

We would like to thank the two young men, Josh and Steve, who tried to help us when we were taken by the security forces.

To support the ride on fundrazr please visit us at G20justiceride.

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