Quebec and Montreal

****RCMP Calgary Update**** On September 8th the Calgary RCMP got back to us. Thank you to the officer who responded to us. Now we need to get a contact person from the Ottawa RCMP. If any readers have any idea of who would listen to us at the Ottawa RCMP please email us at

We took the famous Route Verte to Montreal and will continue taking it throughout Quebec. Though the road was sometimes potholed and gravelly there was usually a wide shoulder and motorists were considerate. There were few hills until we reached Montreal, and then the road became pure hill. A note to anyone who has never cycled in Montreal before; drivers are very aggressive, even more so than in Toronto. Wear bright clothing and take your time, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city.

Here is a short video we made at NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s constituency office:

After Mulcair’s we cycled to Trudeau’s constituency office. The sign on the door said that they should be open, but the door was locked and it looked like no one was inside. There was no note explaining the closure. Watch the video:

Our Montreal hosts were lovely. Thanks to Beatrice, Michel and Celine. We hope that we are as thoughtful and generous as they were when we host bike tours in the future.


John standing by Beatrice as she snaps a few photos.

Thanks to Line and Katherine im Quebec City and also to the folks at Union Cafe for the support and single origin coffee. We are finding allies everywhere we go.


You can see our reflection in the espresso machine!

We traveled along the Saint Lawrence after leaving Montreal.


It is always this perfectly beautiful.

Here I am in Quebec City:


We made it this far. I know we will make it all the way across Canada. Just like Little Foot, Sarah from Labyrinth, Sassy, Chance, Shadow and Luke Skywalker we will complete our great quest.

The wonderful people we have met will continue to push for G20 accountability and accountability from the police on every front. If you haven’t had the chance yet please check out D!onne Renee’s Youtube channel. She is doing great work to help abolish carding. Here is one of her recent videos:

When you get the chance please sign the G20 Justice petition. As soon as the Canadian Parliament starts accepting digital petitions we will put ours online.


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