We were reminded of British Colombia throughout our two day stay in Ottawa. Locals were friendly, there were lots of bike paths and public art and small hippyish stores.

Ottawa is one of Ontario’s best cities for biking, certainly better than Guelph. There are several paths for getting across town and exploring, several of which are well marked and have beautiful maps every so often so you don’t get lost. Some intersections have a sensor for bikes so you don’t have worry about cars showing up to get the light to change.

We went to parliament where our Ottawa host snapped our picture in front of Lady Justice.


Just across from parliament we saw another monument of our old friend Terry and we posed with him.


Finally we went to the Ottawa RCMP. The guards inside were behind a glass window. The visit was odd. See below:

What is humorus to me is that the guard claimed that their RCMP office was the only one in Ontario where civilians can walk in off the street. If you read our Sault blog, you will recall that we entered the Sault RCMP with no problems. Perhaps the RCMP need to work on communication with the public AND with each other.

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