Toronto Part Two

We have had a fabulous couple of days biking along the Lake Ontario shoreline passing through several friendly little towns- Port Hope, Kars, Merrickville. At times the hills have been reminiscent of North Ontario in their height and grade but at least there have been some breaks of flat rode in between. The weather has been fair, too cloudy to be blazing hot but never cloudy enough for the rain to last long.

We met a lovely couple, Joyce and Dave, who let us stay at their cottage. If you are you ever biking from Toronto to Ottawa you might consider travelling by Big Rideau Lake along the Old Kingston Way. There is very little traffic (we didn’t see one car for the whole time we were on it), a well maintained rode and dense quiet forest broken every couple kilometres by a farm or cottage road.

When we made it to Merrickville we enjoyed a hot drink at the Village Bean and met the mayor of Merrickville there. He was very gracious and offered us a place to stay for the night. We knew we should bike further before resting but it was a nice gesture.

I didn’t get a chance to put this up before leaving Toronto, so here is the video we took at the Toronto Police Headquarters. I’m still waiting for the video of my time in detainment.

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