Toronto Part One

We are so lucky. So lucky that after the ridiculous and unjust actions of the police at the G20 and the upsetting interactions many of us go through all too often with them we still have each other. Toronto was kind to us… We will be putting up more videos once we have a stronger internet connection- we are on our way to Ottawa now. So much unfolded in Toronto that we’re going to split our visit into a few different blogs.

There are many people to thank for our successful visit… I know that I’ve at least done one thing right in my life since I’ve had the opportunity to meet such miraculous inspiring people.

Thank you D!onne for your kindness and fighting spirit! Check this amazing woman out at

To everyone at the Silent Peaceful Protest to abolish carding who stopped to talk. You can learn more about carding at Carding is a nationwide issue and we need to make sure it’s abolished across Canada.

Attachment 5

Thanks Jenn, Vic and Alex for the hospitality and cycling advice. We also loved the snail.

Thanks as always to the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington and Newstalk for covering our story.

To Orlando and Iman.

To everyone who donated to us and bought us food- it means the world. We especially loved the blueberry pie.

Thanks to the Ukrainians from Krym camp. Happy independence day!

Thanks to Melanie, Brian from the Toronto Police Headquarters and everyone who shared their story of police brutality with us.

Thanks Dominic and Catherwood for the visit.

Steve Henschel from Niagara at Large for covering us.

Everyone from Dan Harris’s office for being so lovely and kind.


Dan Harris signing the G20 Justice Petition.

Thanks Anthony Hopkins for spreading the word.

And Dimetre for writing to MPs and keeping the issue alive.

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