Sarah Ann Pyuan Gets Arrested in Photos

I hope you find these photos as amusing as Susan did. After months of asking for my arrest information from the Toronto Police they finally arrived. I encourage everyone who has been wrongfully arrested or harassed by the police to do an access to information request to receive their file. Knowledge is power.


If you look in the upper right hand corner of the photo you’ll notice it says Queen’s Park. This is significant since the official police report states that I was arrested at University Avenue and College. Queen’s Park was the “designated protest zone” so by claiming that I was one block away instead of the park they are trying to legitimize the arrest. Too bad their own evidence is contradictory. IMG_20150626_211638

Not impressed but also unsurprised. Also you’ll notice they spelt my name wrong even though they copied it directly from my ID they confiscated. Your tax dollars at work. The officer who arrested me, CP Kirk Strilec badge number 9476, is a Toronto cop who is on the Sunshine List.


Am disapointed in human behaviour. At least they got my name right this time. Notice the poor creatures in the dark cages behind me.


The man I’m standing with is Officer Khan.


Me after being told that my charges were dropped (they were made up anyway) and that I could go.


Me now. Faster and stronger.

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